Welcome to Joe


Hello and welcome to Joe! This place was created by admin Rei for people who who wished to continue using mastodon after the community we all came from was sadly deleted.
Joe's primary goal is to be a laid back place for a small group of kinnies to joke around and have fun. Our rules are few and mostly common sense, but they are expected to be upheld by all members.
Please do not be hesitant to come to any of us if there is an issue.
We do have a Joe discord server, ask one of the admins for an invite link. Remi usually keeps one on their profile, but you might have to ask for an updated one.

─ Joe Staff Team ─


for emoji suggestions: *you can ask nix, remi or mika. remi is your best bet at getting it uploaded asap. @ us either on discord or on joe with a TRANSPARENT PNG image file.


Instant Ban Rules:
- Making fun of triggers/the blacklist.
- Shipping/supporting anything p//dophilic, inc//stuous, or abusive.
- Racism, homophobia, transphobia, any sort of bigotry.

Strike-Prone Rules:
- If the mods ask you to drop a subject or tag something, then you do it. Not listening to mods will earn you a strike.
- No gore or porn. NSFW jokes are okay to an extent, if it's too graphic then please tag it. NSFW images are okay if it's properly tagged and the character depicted is 18+.
- Max 3 accounts. You don't have to constantly be active but don't just user claim, especially not for the same character. That's cringe bro.
- Please properly tag vents & triggering topics with the content warning option. (A list of what members have requested to be cwed can be found on the blacklist)
- No kin drama. If you have an issue with someone, block.
- Don't bring up old drama from Xyag or the Xyag mods. Talking about your old user and happy/good memories is fine.
- If you're a minor, don't post selfies on Joe. It's okay if it's on the Discord server.
- Honestly just use common sense and you'll be fine.

What's the strike system?

Strike System

The strike system is what the Joe mod team uses to sort out the issues/drama that happen on the instance. This is only applicable to strike-prone rules.

2Silenced for 6 hoursYes
3Silenced for 24 hoursYes

You'll be notified of your strikes/warning counts through your registered email. If you get a 4th strike, you'll be suspended with no warning.